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The exam season of SLC has begun. This year, more than 450,000 students are sitting for the SLC exam which is a significant number than the last year students appearing for the SLC examination.

Obviously, the number of students has increased over a span of a year but I really doubt if the exam conditions and post-exam conditions have changed in positive aspects over the years.

Some years ago I was also one of the many exam takers of SLC and I was genuinely surprised to take the exams. Not just me, many SLC appearing candidates if not all, are shocked by the exam conditions or the ways exams are taken.

The surprise lies entirely in the fairness of the exams. It seems exams are just taken for the sake of scoring high, no matter which means you use to achieve it.

Think yourselves, what’s the standard of exams if you are allowed to carry books or subject papers for reference and discuss among friends in the examination centre? The process commonly popular as “cheating”, is making SLC exams less worth.

This may not be true for every exam centres but from my personal observation and from many of my friends from different parts of the country, who have shared similar views on the context, I can estimate that unhygienic exam conditions have influenced many of such test centres.

Even if it has affected a smaller number them my estimation, it is a wicked idea and the situation should be stopped from worsening.

Teachers along with parents are also seriously committed towards the success of SLC exams of their students and often the competitive ideas among themselves lead to the practice of unfair means.

There are also frequent rumours of SLC exam papers being leaked to the students. Almost three years ago, the rumour of three subject question papers being leaked had a great hype. The suspicious papers even got published in some national newspapers on the day of the exam. Even after that SLC, such rumours still continue to have space. Although Investigations are done in all such rumours and suspicious matter, the bitter truth is that they end up without any fruitful results.

Another important issue related to the SLC graduates is their further studies. Many students experience course problems in continuing their intermediate level. There seems to be an unbalanced gap between study courses of SLC and Intermediate level. This also accounts for the reason why most students are not successful in their Intermediate level in comparison to the SLC level. It is indeed necessary that the gap between the SLC and intermediate be bridged through an amendment in the course study thoroughly.

The situation described above is totally my own eye witnessed and personal experience. Obviously, in most places the situation could be better but this doesn’t mean that this is not a popular scene and if these serious matters related to SLC are not addressed properly, it is a hard time that qualitative education is maintained. Concerned Authorities should act properly to change the situation.

Best of luck for all SLC candidates with their ongoing exams. Take it with fair means.

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