Festive Kathmandu

Kathmandu is perfectly enjoyable during Tihar. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with Dashain in Kathmandu. I thought Deepawali would be the same in Kathmandu as Dashain was, but contradicting to my expectations, it’s awesome here in Kathmandu.
I am writing this because this is the first time I have been observing both Dashain and Deepawali in Kathmandu.
Regarding Dashain in Kathmandu, it’s such that I simply have no words to describe it as a festival. Well, the good thing is that Kathmandu is pollution free and well managed city to some extent during Dashain. But let me talk about Deepawali which is contemporaneous.

The houses are painted in yellow and red. I can hear the sound of crackers everywhere, even in my room (although banned by the Nepal administration). Markets are full of people and Newroad, the busiest market of Kathmandu is over flooded of customers. Garlands, mainly of marigold and lights have made every house shine. The sounds and wishes of Deepwali have filled everyone’s ear. News channels especially of Nepal and India are busy talking on the festival issues. It feels like a festival, a real festival that just as you would like to indulge even if you are not accustomed to it.

One unique feature of this festival found only around Nepal, which distinguishes from other countries, is the Deusi and Bhailo that is played during the festival. I too have some memories of enjoying and participating in those in past years. The verses, “vanna vannna bhai ho ….. Deusi re….” are so popular.
People enjoy this Deusi and Bhailo along with their friends and make this event more cherishing. But these days the interest towards all these is dwindling and they are turning more commercial. In fact, Deepawali as a whole is turning commercial. Stop these. Let’s make it a genuine life Festival than a commercial one.
Anyways, Kathmandu is all in the festive mood with this Deepawali. I can gladly say
“Welcome to the most happening festive city of Nepal”. Is that a bit more???

Haha Enjoy Deepawali….
Photo via Suchan Bajracharya on Flickr
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