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Last time, I got an opportunity to enroll in a concert in my own hometown, a concert dubbed “Icons and Idols” organized by Spice Nepal. The concert was from the participants from the Indian idol, a famous live performance or T.V reality talent show and I was surprisingly shocked to see the number of spectators for the performance. Approximately thirty thousands, age group ranging from five to sixty five. Genuinely, it was the real potential of live performance.

Indian Idol Concert in Nepal

Whether it is American idol, Indian idol, T.V reality shows such as Big brother or any other live performances, millions of people are crazy towards it. Live performabeyonce christina 186 Live Performances Rock Modern Wordnces have created a unique identity via several means of Information and communication technologies in this modern world of hi-tech. There was time when limited people had access to the particular live performance, had to visit theaters and halls, but for the modern world, its uncountable people around the globe watching the performances of music and drama live by means of technology or any other. ICT indeed has a crucial role to emphasize the title of live performances. Also, the craze of concerts of music and performances has been by and large. So, how could a question arise ‘against’ the role of live performances in the modern world?

Live performances popularity can be supported from the fact that human society and performing arts were born at the same moment. Rites and roles of live performances can be traced backkelly to ancient past and can be detailed to continuous follow till the modern era. Live performances give meaning to our real world of music and drama. Theaters and Stages are even crucial spaces of modern society to play out the panacea for the problems. Undoubtedly, living interactions between the performer and the audience still bits at the heart of modern society.

Live performances, which have similar connotations with real world and reality shows, are being vital part of modern world and society. People not only take the live perfone Live Performances Rock Modern Wordormances as a greater source of entertainment but also use live performance to explore the potentials. No doubt, the landscape of live performances has changed dramatically with the up growing technology but they still carry the same empathy. One live performance I would like to mention is that of Peking opera of china, a blend of dance theatre and acrobatics. Essentially, an amalgamation of various regional theatre styles, the Peking Opera was very popular in the late 18th century and is still a vital part of Beijing’s cultural life. Today live performance is also being flourished in terms of Performance Art, presentational genre of art, which, along with a strong visual element, usually incorporates elements of theatre or film, dance or movement, poetry, or music, and usually involves a degree of improvisation. Such instances in the way or other corroborate the potent role of live performances in modern lives and so modern world.

Live performances popularity in the modern world can be substantiated by the fact that US only has as many as seven thousands organizations that present the live rmances. Bringing live performances to some six Million Americans each week and generating revenues at the rate of nearly $5 billion annually, these organizations act in favor of cultural popularity of live performances. The organizations such as DDCF (Doris Duke charitable foundation) have promoted live performances in the modern world by sponsoring the first nationwide survey performing arts presenters: the organizations that bring audiences together with musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists who create live performances.

Live performances are almost ubiquitous in modern world in terms of Music and Drama. I absolutely agree that the role of live performances is much more crucial in terms of music and drama. This is because I believe in the fact that All forms of performance art share two elements: first, the various parts of the performance function disharmoniously, in the tradition of visual-art collage, which is based upon assembling elements normally found apart; second, a piece of performance art must be live, because a recorded piece, whether on film or audiotape, has no spontaneity.

Let’s preserve the trend to insist the encouragement and support for the future of art and performances of music and drama, and for the realization of most life enhancing potentials of globalism.

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